Love Long and Prosper!



The Love Long and Prosper Podcast was a Podcast Peer Award winning show featuring silliness,  laughter, and Star Trek. Dan and Cj were new parents from Arizona talking about life, the universe, and everything. Middle class living can be a drag, but the Love Long and Prosper Podcast places a humorous spin on the mundane.

Each episode they review an episode of Star Trek, a Star Trek movie, or have a guest on to talk about various aspects of the series. For each season of each series, they host an awards show, appropriately named the LLAPPys, with winners in various categories, including “best newly discovered race”, “best weapon”, and “most homo-erotic moment”.

Segments such as “Private Quarters” (a look inside the life of a married couple on the Enterprise), silly Star Trek songs, Litter-a-ture (reading from discarded notes/diaries/trash), and “FoodCast” (They love their food) are the meat of the Podcast, but the mindless banter and witty criticisms are the perfect condiments. Hungry for some Star Trek?



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